Eastern Conference Playoffs

Though the Eastern Conference has done little to impress me over the past 5 years, the first round of the playoffs have been quite entertaining. The Wizards beating the Bulls surprised me a little bit, but that Washington roster is loaded compared to almost every team in the East. Though the Bulls play defense, when Mike Dunleavy has to lead your team in scoring to win a game, your team is going to struggle. The Raptors and the Nets series has been back and forth, and that series should be an important one (if there is one) to see if a team can compete with the Heat. Now the series that I really have been enjoying is the Hawks and the Pacers series. The Pacers are a joke, seriously. Not that I called this happening, but I knew that they couldn’t compete for the East. I just thought their demise would happen a series or two later than it is happening now. Either way, I bet the Pacers are glad they are paying top dollar for a 7 foot cheerleader. Oh yeah, I forgot, the Heat had a series against the Bobcats. I will give MJ and the Cat’s some credit, the signing of Al Jefferson has made them a decent team, and maybe they can add another piece to the puzzle.

My predictions for the rest of the playoffs in the East are as follows. With home court advantage for the rest of the series tied at 2-2, I’m going to say that Toronto beats Brooklyn in game 7 at home, setting up a matchup with the Heat. Though Brooklyn has the experience with Paul Peirce and Kevin Garnett, they won’t be able to run with the Raptors for the rest of the series. In the other series that is still going on, I have the Hawks finishing the Pacers when they take the court in Atlanta for game 6. The place will be rocking and I think that the Pacers are just lost on the court right now. This would set up a series between Atlanta and Washington.

In the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, I think that Toronto will be able to win a game at home, but ultimately the Heat win in 5. Lebron and company are just too strong to be contested by a team that is led by Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry, both good players, but not high caliber players that can keep up. In the Wizards and Hawks series, I believe the Wizards win in 6. Like I said earlier, I think that the loaded roster led with John Wall will be too much for the Hawks (even though they beat the Pacers’ good lineup). This sets up a pretty good matchup in the Championship between the Wizards and the Heat. This will be a gritty game, as Nene and Martin Gortat will be able to bully the Heat down low. Udonis Haslem will be one of the key players in this series and his ability to stop the Wizards big men. My prediction, Heat win in 6 games, but it will be a battle for them to do so. 


The NBA Season in Review

The regular season in the NBA is finally over. About time. Honestly, this season proved to be one long, boring season. Maybe I’m just bitter because my favorite teams both failed to have a record over .500, but at the same time, nothing special happened. Sure, there were some exciting moments here and there, like Durant breaking the record for most consecutive games with a boat load of points, but as a whole, there were really no surprises. The Spurs are the best team in the West, I could have told ya that before the season started. Followed closely the Thunder. Once again, not a surprise. The Pacers are #1 in the East! Doesn’t matter. The Heat are still the class of the East, and when it comes to playoff time, they have proven it time and time again, so why should I get my hopes up that anything will change with an overrated big guy and a streaky small forward leading them?

Heading into the playoffs, there are only a few things that I am actually excited for. The first thing, the NBA Lottery. The Lakers sucked it up this year, and right now I’m hoping that the NBA pulls a few strings and lets them get into position to get Jabrari Parker in the same lineup as Kobe. Kobe deserves one final farewell run where he pushes for a title. That would be good for the NBA, and the big wigs in the executive office know that. Adam Silver, do whats right, get Parker to LA! Hell, David Stern sent the Unibrow Anthony Davis to the Pelicans who were owned by the league at the time, so I know fixing the lottery is possible.

The next thing I’m excited for is to see how the West finals play out. Will it be the Spurs vs the Thunder or the Clippers? Either way, I think it will be a fun Western Conference Finals to watch. Honestly though, I am hoping for a Dallas Maverick surprise and to see them make a run for the finals. Why? Because Dirk is still a hell of a player to watch, with a passion for the game that not many other players bring to the table.

Finally, what I’m really excited to watch is, can someone in the West bring down the Heat? If its between the Heat and the Thunder, I think Westbrook ball hogs the series away. If its against the Clippers, I think that Lebron will eat up whoever tries to defend him. And if its the Spurs, like I think it will be, I think we will all be in for a treat. Say what you want about the Spurs and their age, but they were a Ray Allen last second shot away from winning the championship in Game 6 last season. They will be hungry for a chance to get back at the Heat. My prediction for the NBA Finals: Heat over Spurs in 7 games. I love what Pop does down in San Antonio, but pro basketball is ultimately decided by the players on the court, not the suit and tie on the sideline. Lebron is the best in the game, and in a series with the two deepest benches in the league, I think the superstar will be difference maker.

MLB Playoffs

As the Divisional Series comes to an end in the MLB playoffs, I have a couple of thoughts about what I saw in the past week. I’ll start with the Red Sox (shocking huh?): The Boston vs. Tampa Bay series went about as smoothly as possible for the Red Sox. They started the series off strong with a big Game 1 win, and seemed to roll from there. There was a let down as the Rays did win Game 3 in walk-off fashion, but other than that, the Sox really did control the series. With home field advantage throughout the playoffs, the Red Sox look like the favorites to me.

The Oakland vs Detroit series was as good as advertised. In a rematch of last year’s ALDS in which the Tigers won, both teams looked like dominant teams. They both had some dominant pitching with great performances by Sonny Gray for the A’s and Justin Verlander for the Tigers. As a rematch of Game 2 was played out tonight in Game 5, Sonny Gray showed his inexperience as he let up a 2 run homerun to the All-Everything Miguel Cabrera. Other than his 2-2 fastball, he pitched a solid game. Verlander on the other hand, showed us why he is still known as one of the best in the business. He took a no hitter into the eight inning, and finished with 8 innings pitched and allowed 2 hits as the Tiger were victorious in a 3-0 game. The series between the Sox and the Tigers should be a great series with two good pitching staffs and possibly the two best lineups in baseball. I think it is safe to say that Fenway Park will be a fun place to be when the ALCS begins.

The NLCS is every bit as exciting as the ALCS. The match-up between the Dodgers and the Cardinals should be interesting. The Dodgers and their flashy, big name lineup and the strong arms of Clayton Kershaw and Zach Grienke should give the playoff experienced Cardinals everything they could ask for.  Though the Dodgers look better on paper, I think the Cardinals are the favorites going in due to the fact that they have the postseason experience that almost no Dodger players have. All in all, it is safe to say that the 4 best teams in baseball are still in the playoffs and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What is this blog all about?

I am creating this blog for a couple different reasons. First off, I just want a place where I can go to rant about what is going on in the sports world. I enjoy writing about sports and I will finally have a place where I can put all my thoughts down in an organized fashion. I pay attention to most sports, both national and international (yes I am a “soccer” fan, Hala Madrid!) and I am hoping to get fans of all sports to follow my blog every once and a while. Hopefully I can get enough readers that I can actually find a place in the sports world, somewhere, somehow.

My hope is to establish a blog that creates interaction with readers (if I ever get any) and I want people to tell me why my thoughts are wrong (or maybe agree with me sometimes). If I can get a decent amount of followers this could be a fun way to talk about sports and actually have your voice heard. All the groups on Facebook, Twitter, ESPN.com, etc.. have too many comments and no organization, therefore there is really no real conversation. Maybe we can change that here. That being said, here is a list of the sports (and my favorite teams) and a majority of what I will be writing about:

  • NFL (Denver Broncos)
  • College Football (CSU Rams and the USC Trojans)
  • NBA (Nuggets and Lakers)
  • College Basketball (CSU Rams and UNC Tarheels)
  • MLB (Red Sox and Rockies)
  • Hockey (Avalanche)
  • “Soccer” (Real Madrid, Portugal and Team USA)
  • Anything else going on in the world of sports

Well thanks for checking out the blog, I hope you like what you see and please, BE INTERACTIVE!